Monday, June 9, 2014

I Noticed California Chrome Was Torquing His Right Front -As He Was Being Lead Through The Grand Stand Tunnel To the Track-

I asked those who were watching the Belmont pre-race- with me - if they noticed that California Chrome was placing his right front leg awkwardly. They did not notice-

We horse people notice when a horse is walking straight --because anything but straight - shows a potential problem -

Turns out- he had a cut on his right front heal -


Jg. for FatScribe said...

only you, Carol. such attention to detail makes the artist so creative!

christian soldier said...

FS- thank you for your kind words- I'll be over to your site soon-glad you are still around the "blog world".

Mustang said...

I didn't understand the owner's rant.

Z said...

WOW. You noticed that and questioned it yourself? how could the JOCKEY not notice? I'd have thought Chrome's gait would be ever so slightly altered and that jockey has to be SO tuned in to that!?

Mustang; Chrome had run the previous Triple Chrome races and most of the others had Chrome was tired and he feels that's not fair.
The problem is, that IS the rule and he knew that.
I believe it was less WHAT he said that was disagreeable and more HOW he said it.

christian soldier said...

M-the "rules" have never changed - that is why Secretariat was so sensational!!
The two "common" families who went w/ their 'gut' are an inspiration-a bit of "not nice" rant- I can deal with--

christian soldier said...

Z-I-too- would have thought it would have been caught--