Saturday, November 27, 2010

AMERICA-Today-Diamond -

I know I stated 'light posting'-couldn't not resist this- one of my very favorite singer-song writers-one of my favorite songs-even before I studied the true HIStory of this great Republic!!!
Just think how much it means to me now!-
This could just be my Faith Blog --what do you think!?!!!
I sang and danced to this when I saw it at Astute Bloggers--ENJOY-My Patriot Friends!



Now I'm dancing. The Cap'n loves him some Diamond.

christian soldier said...

CT-glad you enjoyed it too!

MK said...

Nice one.

I was in New York a while ago, never made it to see the statue of liberty though. Was in the thick of winter. Damn that was cold. It's a testament to Americans tenacity, to live in cold like that.

We fled hastily. :)