Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Celtic Amazing Grace-Andre Rieu-An Heart Smile

This gave me a much needed respite from the tumult -
I am 1/2 Dane - the other 1/2 is Dutch and IRISH-so- the penny whistle and the bagpipes bring an heart smile -
The 3 minutes could have gone for much longer :-) Enjoy my friends-Peace Be With You..


The_Kid said...

This bagpipe and flute version is nice.

William Stout said...

I have always loved the pipes and especially when they were playing Amazing Grace. There are some instruments that were made for s specific purpose and I believe that playing that hymn was one of the reasons for the pipes.

The highlights of the Celtic flute was what gave an ethereal and hopeful note to an otherwise serious piece of music. Thank you for posting that, I enjoyed it immensely :-)

Donna Perugini said...

Right to the heart!

The man who wrote the song came from such a 'dark place' in his life.

When we think of him now, we don't dwell on his past dealings in slavery and death.

We hear this song and think of him as someone who knew and received truth and freedom in God's Amazing Grace.

christian soldier said...

WS-I love Amazing Grace anyway- this rendering lifted my heart..glad you enjoyed it ..

DP-Newton did- indeed - have a 'stormy' past-and a great conversion...