Friday, November 19, 2010

Tear Time -Flight of Our BEST (Angels)

This will bring tears to your heart-as it did mine: The story of the Flight of Four Angels ( BEST now in heaven) and those who accompanied them:Tear Time...h/t Blackfive
2LT Robert M. Kelly, may you and the three Angels who traveled with you rest in peace. Godspeed

OK-I have to give my take-After reading this beautiful story- I was moved to think-why are our BEST not given the 'perks' that our supposed 'servants' in government have-BIG JETS-lots of 'helpers' -I'm talking Nancy P- Babs B- BHO- MO and those others who honestly believe they are better than we and our BEST---
Notice-I'm asking the question-our BEST would never think of asking it-that's what makes them the BEST!!

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