Thursday, November 18, 2010

Title 9ers-Eat Your Hearts Out-Boys Play on Field Hockey Team

Title 9 was est. to give females a chance at sports-female only teams etc- and even an in to play on teams w/ males--
Well it looks like a couple of male students are helping a female hockey team to win- understand- there is no hockey team for males at this school-
Up Roar - Boys on Girls Team-and the Team Is Winning
Understand-and I use my own words here-Women are 'more than equal' -
BUT- I am tired of the feminization of this country and I am tired of our young men-boys- being marginalized!
And while I'm at it- It did not please me to see two women ice hockey players inducted into the the NHL Hall of Fame- let the females get their own HoF-
This from a woman who does believe the women are more than equal! (-: '-)


William Stout said...

One has to ask the question: How much is enough? Women outnumber men. They out earn the top earning men by 8%. They are better educated than men (65% of University students are female). You have take your daughter to work day. Laws to force others to promote women. In commercials men are portrayed as idiots that require women to save them. So how much is really enough?

If one wishes equality you have surpassed that goal, but if women are seeking superiority then they are well on their way to achieving that as well. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction in both physics and in humanity. Yet we never stop to think about the unintended consequences of our actions or ideology. Are our sons now trash to kick to the curb? Do they not warrant an education or protection of the law? If so, then much more has changed than simply the promotion of women and I suspect that that end was not unconsidered. While more people are familiar with misogyny perhaps they should acquaint themselves with the term misandry.

christian soldier said...

WS-now that we have 1/2 of the population on the road to progress- we must not lose our men-
equal progress to success and reaching potential is my goal for both men and women...