Monday, November 29, 2010

Picasso-was a Business Man as well as an Artist

Never cared for Picasso's works until I started a self study of the artist-
I found that his early works were excellent in that he knew how to render the human figure-nor was he afraid of rendering human hands and feet-Try it sometime-you'll see why I respect those who do know how to render---hands and feet :-)
Since the human figure is the most difficult to achieve -artistically- I decided to study Picasso further-
Did you know that he was one of the most wealthy men in France!?
That he would purchase an expensive residence (chateau)- work in it -fill it with his art- then move on to another?-Did he use those art - filled residences as galleries too- and sell his works from them?
My take- not only was he a prolific artist but - also- a good businessman!
This article is about a "trove" of Picasso's work given to an electrician who worked at three of Picasso's properties:
Le Guennec, 71, claims to have worked at three of Picasso's properties in southern France: a Cannes villa, a chateau in Vauvenarges, and a farmhouse in Mougins, the town where
Picasso Trove
I post this because I admire good business as well as good art...


WomanHonorThyself said...

nice reprieve from the madness Carol,,thanks hun!

christian soldier said...

WHT- so glad you enjoyed it and hugs back at you - my friend!

The_Kid said...

I never got into the cubism. But he did have some interesting works such as the one you display on this post.

And yea, how many great artists died poor? :)

MK said...

I saw something about that on the news. Boy would that have been a heck of a find.

Not much for art myself, mainly because the arts community is stacked with leftist filth out here but one day i must go and find some good ones.

christian soldier said...

MK- check out my site - think you'll like what you see...

christian soldier said...

TK-"modern" art is not my 'thing' - as a rule- I respect Picasso because he knew how to execute the traditional discipline-

Anonymous said...

Carol, Interesting article.
I am a recovering Artist (and recovering politician) and I must admit Old Pablo was one of my idols in College and after. However when I began understanding Americanism and the beauties of our Republic and the Constitution, I dropped painting and Picasso completely.. I realized that most of Picasso's contemporaries in the art field were likewise Communists as was Pablo (though an elite and financially successful one who, incidentally, did render hands and feet very well).
Now as a Bible believing Christian, I can see the diabolical tendencies in so much "modern" art (especially his), most of it being apparently anti-Christian.
Here is a page on my Gospel Web Site of three paintings (college days, circa '51 or so). Excuse the two pics of our wedding day picture (She is now in Heaven with her Savior). Those were for my kids and G'Kids.

In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack