Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Congressman Buyer vs. Richardson -an R Who Can Hold His Ground!!!

Congressman Buyer has a s_ _ _!! I looked him up- He's military-(I know-so is Colin Powell-we won't talk about that!)
Richarson (she held the gavel) is a Congresswoman from CA-we tried to get rid of her (vote her out) but- to no avail...Starr Parker would have been great - don't you think!
Here is a set down to Dem Richardson by R-Buyer--(do you think this would 'offend' Babs Bush?)-you know-the Bush mother who dissed Sarah Palin---we won't talk about that now- either!--View and enjoy an R standing up to the elitist Dem ---


Alan Este said...

Richardson is a "bitch" who needs to be given a censure and a dishonorable dump from public service. So while she refuses to recognize the floor, the American Public through alternate media recognize the "bitch" for what she is - entirely unworthy of public service. Congressional trash: Way too common.

christian soldier said...

AE-looks like you know her too-:-)

Dan said...

This is what incompetence looks like.

You have the best videos.