Sunday, November 7, 2010

Election-Arm Twisting -Federal Contractor-US base--Stumping for Murkowski Over the Legitimate Winner -Alaska Primary Joe Miller

The peoples' voice is no longer heard when is comes to unions -the GOP and the leverage of taxpayer $$$$
Joe Miller WON the primary in Alaska-Murkowski (supported by the GOP-NRSC-and the unions) refused to 'go away'-the people spoke-the GOP- and unions gave the the people of Alaska the third finger 'salute':

Joe Miller-My Take
Spoiled Baby Lisa-it's not your seat


MK said...

Can something be done about it, can someone be punished for this?

christian soldier said...

MK-using my tax $$$- to stump for a candidate and on government-military property - looks like an offense to me

William Stout said...

Unions were formed to protect blue collar workers form abusive employers near the turn of the 20th century. However, they have morphed into Marxist/socialist organizations that seek to push a left wing agenda. Lisa Murkowski was a progressive Republican and that is why she lost. Progressivism and socialism are essentially synonyms of each other.

The AFL-CIO and SEIU have been led by Marxists Trumka and Stern and their union leaders follow suit. What was once crafted to protect workers is now an ardent enemy of freedom and individual liberty and they freely spend their workers dues in support of those goals. What needs to occur is the passage of right to work laws in all jurisdictions in order to weaken and destroy these outdated and dangerous organizations.

christian soldier said...

WS-love your takes-they are right on-
and historically accurate--are you reading my mind :-)
someday-I'll write a bit of family history-
Unions were est. for the protection of workers-my Grandfather helped est. the union force at one of the auto plants-waaaaay back-now that union is part of the heavy hand of socialists...