Friday, October 29, 2010

Arrogant Republican Senatorial Committee-Let's Make Calls..

Just finished calling the NRSC-National Republican Senatorial Committee-202-675-6000..
Defection is the only word I can use for the handling of my call--and I was calling as a leader in the RWF!
I am very upset with my Party-and especially upset w/ its betrayal of Joe Miller-
Mr. Miller WON the primary for the Alaska Senate seat--the NRSC -went up and supported Murkowski the LOSER!-
Remember-too- the RNC - NRSC also betrayed O'Donnell when she first WON the primary-
Its time to make calls-
contact-Rob Jesmer -I talked to a Mitch Miller-He was not up to date on the above!!!
RNC-1-202 863-8500 or 5100
Let me know how your call went-I 'felt' the arrogance-and am ready to leave the GOP--tell my why I shouldn't...


Anonymous said...

Bottom line: Anger is generally a poor technique of persuasion.

christian soldier said...

NG-OK-I won't leave the R Party...
How about focused anger? :-)

christian soldier said...

NG-I was calm when I called-because I waited and had my points written --
BTW-your site is now on my roll -Goomba :-) thought I had put it there before..

MK said...

The republicans had better get their act together, otherwise they'll be languishing in the political wilderness for even longer.