Friday, October 22, 2010

The Hollywood Elites Tell Us in the US to do w/ Less - HYPOCRITES

and I'll add- Nancy P- Babs B- bho-mo and this -James Cameron and his "SACRIFICE"-HYPOCRITES:



Winston said...


The_Kid said...

Beat me to it. Yes, Typical Lib, It is for the chaff and the din of American society to sacrifice comfort for the sake of non-existent environmental problems.

So that these A******** will not be inconvenienced.

Well, when I'm out, they're out.

christian soldier said...

W- some -here- are weird indeed!

TK-and most of our government 'servants' have a 'do as I say-not as I do' attitude as well!!

MK said...

They are nothing if not hypocrites. It's always someone else (us) who have to live with less, sacrifice a bit more and suck it up according to them. Well @#$% you cameron, you and the rest of your hollywood whackjobs.