Friday, October 15, 2010

FREEDOM-Christians are Rising Up-the World Over!!

Listen carefully to the words - see the numbers-a smile moment for me...
As you all know- I believe that Jesus the Christ was a warrior-and He gave us a command to "OCCUPY til I come" Lk. 19-
He won the "high ground" - we-as 'occupiers' must hold the high ground...We are waking up to that fact!!

h/t-RB-Crusader Rabbit


Z said...

I even heard from an ex muslim in my bible core group that I lead, that some imams in Turkey have been baptized and are speaking out for Christ. PRAY HARD!
I love that many YOUNG PEOPLE! HURRAH!

christian soldier said...

Z-give my best to your converted study member-and - indeed- it is great to see so many Christians coming together..