Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marx to Us in the US-Lesson for the Present from the Not Too Distant Past--

Economist Yuri Maltsev -defector to the US - 1989-is very concerned about his new country--and offers an HISTORY LESSON FOR THE PRESENT FROM THE NOT TOO DISTANT PAST! My -Carol's words ...
the lecture is well worth the 30 minutes-even if you view it in two parts!!

h/t:Transylvania Phoenix
My birthday is tomorrow-Oct. 4- and my off-spring's is Oct 6..
I've decided to take a few days off from posting-- the sites on my side bar are very good-I give special notice to -
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WomanHonorThyself said...

happy birthday girly! some cake for me..(HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

christian soldier said...

WHT-thank you and I will !!

The_Kid said...


Amazing (well not really) that people can come testify as to socialism's destructive nature over and over yet the libs can't let go.

And they won't until they suffer from it and learn the lesson for themselves.

William Stout said...

First, I hope that you have a very happy birthday Carol. Second, Marxism is pernicious and that is why the left loves it so. What I mean by that is that the left is self destructive by nature and Marxism is the best means of spreading around the hate and loathing that they feel for themselves.

You saw this with the Weather Underground and the rich kids who were ashamed of their unearned status in life and used that as a fuel to destroy the society that placed them at the upper strata of the public. This is the unspoken truth regarding Marxism and its adherents and it is one that we had better learn quickly because we are losing the culture war. If we do not stand now, it will be too late.

Fredd said...

Rather than view the 30 minute video above, you can get the same feeling from a former communist country refugee by listening to Yakoff Smirnoff's 10 minute stand up routine of 30 years ago, and see that even Yakoff would have to write some new material now, as 'what a country!...' is fading away, and replaced with 'what a shame...'

MK said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow Carol. Hope you have a good one.

HMS said...

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christian soldier said...

Thank you all - I count you as friends and fellow Patriots..
My mind had gotten into such a roil-that I knew I had to let it un-wind--as much as my mind can ever un-wind!!