Monday, October 11, 2010

ART-Air Brush-Lutheran School-David Morton-WOW

Look what I found!! WOW- and-I didn't know that we Lutherans still had art classes!!!
I'm encouraged!!!


DMartyr said...

That video does have some awesome work, Carol! But I'm also inspired by your artwork as well. I really love the first equine painting, the one with the red background. But I find myself wishing it were a Crusader or Templar Knight! ;)

christian soldier said...

DM-it is--glad you caught it!!-

The painting is a castle-with ghost rider/horse-named - Guarding the Gates...(of Vienna and all of the Gates to Freedom)
Thank you for your kind words about my art-
Evey artist appreciates comments from an discerning eye :-)

DMartyr said...

I always read (and appreciate) your comments, even if I don't always reply like I should!

You do have some beautiful work.

The_Kid said...

That is impressive.

Winston said...

very cool

christian soldier said...

TK-don't you just love to see artists who are good at their craft-

Winston-visited your site--thank you for standing strong for Freedom-
I will be adding you to my roll!