Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EAGLE SCOUT-Boy Scouts of America-There is a Reason the Facists Attack the Principals..-

of the Boy Scouts--
I attended an Eagle Ceremony last night-it brought back great memories....
There is a reason the communist-socialist-left attack the Boy Scouts of America--the place where honorable MANHOOD is trained...
Aside from the Oath-there are other statements that the highest rank profess:
I am the Eagle:

I AM THE EAGLE . . . I am prepared to stand for the virtues of freedom, strength and pride.

I AM THE EAGLE . . . I am prepared to serve my God, My Country and My Fellow Man.

I AM THE EAGLE . . . I am prepared to stand for Honesty, Truth and Integrity.

I AM THE EAGLE . . . I am prepared to lead others and to accomplish set tasks to the best of my ability.

I AM THE EAGLE . . . I am prepared to cross all lines of race, creed and nationality.

I AM THE EAGLE . . . I am prepared to be self reliant and resourceful.



Jg. for FatScribe said...

chills. awesome that our young men are privileged to take part in such a ceremony. we are sorely lacking such mentoring/legacy instilling institutions such as the Boy Scouts of America!

MK said...

They'll always hate institutions like these, only those that foster inequality and divisiveness will win the support of liberals.

The way it's going now, you can tell a good organization by checking how many leftists and liberal idiots are protesting outside them.

They Say/We Say said...

Thanks for visiting, and commenting.
Yes it's ok to use the quote.
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christian soldier said...

Jg-the Boy Scouts are under attack-the reason is obvious
stopped by your site-when is the book going to be finished :-)

MK-the Scouts produce men of honor--the Dark Side has no honor....

TSWS-thank you-and thanks for the other site of quotes....