Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our BEST Getting a PAY CUT!!!-other GVT Workers are NOT--WHAT!!!!!

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH - of the perverts in this government!!!-that would be the Communist - Fascist Dems- Some of the Republicans-and this administration!!!
Our BEST deserve better than the this administration - bho- and his Alinsky - Ayers followers---
Did you know that it is their intent to cut Defense spending-thus- cut the PAY of those who volunteer to FIGHT for you and me!!!!!?
h/t Midnight Rider: I could not have stated it better so I won't-I did print a poem which is on a plaque at the D-Day Memorial -Bedford, VA--

read MR's post via the link--here is his introduction to the Newsmax article:
It is absolutely ludicrous and hypocritical that they would be worried about $3.8 billion over the next decade after what they've done with stimulus and bailouts and fucking healthcare.

And to compare a sergeant to a postal worker is apples and ranges as well. How many postal workers have guys with AK-47's taking regular potshots at them? How many have to worry about their little postal jeep running over an ied?

When used properly, our military is the most efficient and devastating the world has ever seen. And they deserve every penny they get. And then some.

Because Giving is What They Do...

Airmen help save lives by donating platelets

My Take >>>Our BEST just keep GIVING!!!

I add this poem from a bronze plaque at the D-Day Memorial - Bedford,VA:
"A Young Man's Prayer

"God, make me a man
Give me the strength to stand for right
When other folks have left the
Give me the courage of the
Who knows that if he wills he can.
Teach me to see in every face,
The good, the kind and not the base.
Make me sincere in word and deed
Blot out from me all shame and greed.
Help me to guard my troubled soul
By constant, active, self control.
Clean up my thoughts, my speech my play,
And keep me pure from Day to Day.
O, Make of me a man!

A link to the wonderful Toby Keith song and video illustrating the heart ache when one of our BEST gets the call that he must deploy again-leaving his family behind:


WomanHonorThyself said...

more damage to our finances and economic well being ...it gets worse daily girl!

christian soldier said...

WHT-you've got that right!!