Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tax $$$ for Azatlan Art or Re-Conquista--or LaRaza--

Folks-this crap has been going on a LONG time-notice the dates...I give you a few examples...
PLUS- they know how to get grants-ie: your tax $$$$
they know the communist RULES for RADICALS-
the know how to get 'smiling anti-US politicians into office...(Look up Los Angeles and California politicians and office holders.) Google has them all...start w/ L.A. Mayor V.
Smiling SHAFTS-most of them!!!

NOW--- to the Tax payer funded "ARTS" !!???????????
the Art of Azatlan- 1969–76: California State University, Northridge, (CSUN) Bachelor of Arts in Painting / Fine Arts.
NOTE--There is a HUGE tax payer funded MURAL promoted by LaRaza illustrating RE-CONQUISTA at CSUN (Cal State University Norhtridge)--just to let you know-touting "reclaining" RE_CONQUISTA!!!---How do I know?---Hmmmm-how do I know?!!!!

M.E.Ch.A. (
Spanish: Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán,

Plaza La Raza-"fierce" 40 year perspective-Los Angeles

I know-WORKING!!!!
Now it is time to run for office!!!
Become Politically active---
More TEA anyone!?!!!!!


MK said...

Why the taxpayers of california continue voting for big government is beyond me. Perhaps it's because the working taxpayers have given up and moved elsewhere leaving only a few to be out-voted by the parasites.

christian soldier said...

MK-there are those of us who stay because of the 'battle'--if prop 13 is over-tuned--we will have to leave...then the state will totally go down the 'tubes'...