Wednesday, May 12, 2010

UN-NATO Want Our BEST to -Hold Fire-Get Killed-Get a Medal Posthumounously!!

Before I get into this- let me just point out the obvious---our BEST are there under the auspice of the UN---so- this "don't fire" medal idea comes via NATO---

Since Korea-our BEST have been fighting losing wars because the UN is run by losers who hate the US---when I say losing wars---I do not mean that our BEST lose them--they fight and win- and our politicians withdraw just after we win--examples- Korea-Vietnam-Desert Storm--etc.etc.etc.>>>>>>>

Get us out of the UN!!!- it will fold- because we in the US are PAYING a HUGE amount of taxpayer $$$ for the UN to exist!!!
NOW-that said!!!

I have been stating the the present RoE's --Rules of Engagement-- are getting our BEST killed and I use the example of Marcus Luttrell and his brothers in arms-let a bunch of herders go--soon - the Dark Siders (Lucifer's Kids) came and killed all but Marcus-
Marcus wrote a fabulous book called - _Lone Survivor_ gives the full story on scenario above---

Now the military 'brass' wants to give a medal for holding fire :
Navy Times



Z said...

Sounds like NATO..what the heck do THEY care if OUR AMERICANS DIE as long as they're not accidentally killing those who'd love to see them and us DEAD?
I could only read the first two paragraphs of the link, it's all just too disturbing and this ridiculous stuff and so much more is just coming waaaay too fast at me. Oh, my GOSH, what a turn of events.
"Here's a medal for not shooting"?
We're going to see a huge loss of OUR KIDS' LIVES...don't you think?

christian soldier said...

Z-the present Rules of Engagement have been trouble for our BEST and now THIS!!!
I do believe that more of our BEST - like the deaths of the Navy Seals in Marcus Luttrell's book illustrates---will be killed because of the 'be nice to the enemy' attitude...