Friday, May 14, 2010

TAX $$$ to Fund Film Promoting Taking Machetes Against WHITES---

Ethnic Studies at work!!-
I give you a link to the article -with two VERY telling Videos--
Again-who gains $$$$ and POWER by keeping the RACES agitated and angry-WHO?!!!
Could it be the DARK SIDE ( Lucifer and Lucifer's Kids) ? Remember-Alinsky gave honor to Lucifer in his book - Rules for Radicals...

I have to run-Have a great Day -my fellow FREEDOM lovers....
To my LA-CA friends- go and check out the tax payers funded -Re-Conquista murals at CSUN and UCLA---
Your Little Ray of Sunshine (-:


William Stout said...

And Hollywood wonders why Americans don't go to the movies any more. Personally, this kind of trash is why I don't watch TV anymore or go to the movies. I nominate "Machete" for the Leni Riefenstahl award for propaganda.

christian soldier said...

WS-(-: you do have a way with words-my friend!!
I do recommend Robin Hood-post -one below :-)

MK said...

Not surprising at all thing, without stolen taxpayer funds it probably wouldn't get the money to be made in the first place.

christian soldier said...

MK-sad to say--stolen tax $$$ indeed!!