Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally Found a Christian Pastor -Willing to Put His "Toe To The Line"!!!

and is willing to state the truth about the old Republican party--
Did you know that RNC Chairman Michael Steele recently told CNN that “blacks have no reason to vote Republican.”
Pastor Stephen Broden says,

“Michael Steele, you are wrong!”

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

preach ... c'mon preacher, bring it! thx for sharing Carol! :)

christian soldier said...

you are so welcome-Scribe :-)

Ron Russell said...

The preacher got it right. Michael Steele is fast becoming a drag on the party and needs to step down or be removed from his position at the RNC.

christian soldier said...

RR-I'm glad that a Christian leder is speaking out--
In my opinion-most of the R "leaders" are a drag - at this point...

Carlos Echevarria said...

@ JG for FS:

I like your blog, "alleged screenwriter", LOL....I have a script or two due to my experiences growing in the Miami Vice era of Miami...:) BTW, is your pic on your site Paris or Prague?

@ RR, I love the guns and bikini link on yours, :) Has the spill affected you already? Charile the ex RINO declared our Panhandle under emergency watch.

As for Steele, I am a huge supporter, though i don't agree with him all the time, but we are winning, let's see how November goes and in January he will be up for re-election.

Is Barber really running? I heard he has assembled a team already.

CS, I hope the preacher wins, seems like a good man, though I think you need to see the full text of Steel's response (the soundbite has a qualifying sentence afterwards)

Buona domenica a tutti voi

WomanHonorThyself said...

oish I dont know who to get behind anymore Carol!

Anonymous said...
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MK said...

Well said Pastor, thank you for saying it. Speaking as a conservative, i would love to see black people succeed in this world, i want them to make something of themselves, to take their place in the world through merit. Now that would be something to be proud of. I'm not like the democrats, i don't want to see black people living on welfare, being victims of crime and being perpetrators of crime. I don't want to see them given free passes simply because they're black, that just means they didn't earn their way through life and that's not fair to them. They are just as capable as everyone else and the deserve to be treated equally.