Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CHRISTIANS Still Being Murderd By islamists-

Is It time for some CHRISTIAN out-rage YET!!!
BTW- this is NOT about RACE it is about islam hating Christians!
IBA-Christian convert from islam - be-headed by islamists!


Leticia said...

Thankful a video was not accompanied with the story. I have seen enough of that horror to last me a lifetime. Nor would I want to see any of my brothers or sisters in Christ die so horrifically.

The MSM will never report this, Carol, because they are deathly afraid of Muslim retaliation.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till they beat on your door.
Carol, remember that story you told me about a church you went to sold to Muslims.....It's happening here.
I have to get more information on that before I report it though.
Keep the faith and spread the word.

christian soldier said...

L- I think our Christian "leaders" are afraid of losing their 501 C3 and their-- I'm 'nice'-

WomanHonorThyself said...

and no one cares Carol...God help us!

christian soldier said...

SE- let me know when you have more info---I - for on- am done with the weak leadership in our US churches--
I do have a bold - young Pastor - will re- post his video - he is on a panel w/ a muslim-

christian soldier said...

WHT- no even our "Christin leaders"- indeed- we will need God's help!

MK said...

Following the actions of their prophet, the one western fools think was a man of peace.

christian soldier said...

MK- will Christians in our two countries ever wake up!