Friday, September 9, 2011

ENOUGH of this Muslim Appeasement Crap ..

No More Tribute-Appeasement-Jefferson finally came to the conclusion - sent the new Navy- Marines-thus the words- ...Shores of Tripoli- in the Marine hymn---Madison finished the job!!
Where are our leaders with a set- today-I see none!
Drill for our own oil- no more suadi - and muslim appeasement crap!!!

and the muzzies celebrating on 9/11-
h/t Crusader Rabbit-our Aussie friends are standing w/ US!


tha malcontent said...

And now we find that they have issued a reliable terrorist threat to us in New York.
Well, what I'd like to know is how did these barbaric Muslims get in the Country in the first place? With all these big intelligent TSA people feeling up and groping, and X-raying all of our Grandparents, and Children ? That sounds kind of impossible doesn’t it.

I believe we have always been “threatened” when our borders are wide open and no one really knows who is coming in and what they are up to.

Oh I know, “Not all Muslims are barbarians” After all we are told that Islam a religion of peace. But we already know better

christian soldier said...

M-right on-- on all--that you have stated !
and - muslims are told to lie if it serves the good purpose of islam...

Leticia said...

I wish they would have given the people a different name than the "jumpers."

It was more than just that. It's not like they wanted to die. They got up that morning just like every other day and had no idea that, that day they would be making a decision to either be burned alive or opt for a quicker and less painful death.

No one could possible understand the horror and desperation all those precious people must have felt. It must have taken every ounce of courage to make the decision to plummet to their deaths.

"Jumpers" No, they were Lion- hearts.

In fact, I give that to all the victims, survivors and first responders.

christian soldier said...

L-Lion Hearts- wonderful -I never liked the noun - jumpers- attributed to them either..

Kid said...

I'm with you. And Nothing we've done in Iraq or Afghanistan has changed their islamic caliphate plans. We better get some focus on the problem.

And no one died on 9-11 either, they were all murdered.

Leticia said...

I hope you feel better soon.

MK said...

All of the 9/11 tributes i saw on TV included a fair amount of waffling about muslims and their life after 9/11. It's a sad joke.

Anonymous said...

Love the Lion Hearts idea. I think it was more than just choosing a quicker death though. I believe that some of them actually won over the terrorists' plan by bravely taking life into their own hands and away from the attackers. That's the way I like to think of it anyway. Thanks for the great post. I posted on the Muslim Crap at Spreadeaglepatriot. Great minds think alike. Thanks

christian soldier said...

My Patriot friends-
We must stand and fight- via the blog-is-phere-
It is NEVER too Late!