Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Travel Thoughts- &-Californians Are Seeing the Light

Need your input-
If you were to set up your PERFECT Vacation-
Where would you go-
What travel mode would you use-
What would you like to see and do-

I'll post my own thoughts tomorrow :-)

A Bonus for all of you -%75 of Californians are Disgusted w/ This Government and Economy-a Miracle if True


Kid said...

Enjoying nature's beauty is the central theme that comes to mind for me.

Anonymous said...

Your Blog looks great!

christian soldier said...

K- I'm getting a feel for est. an 'exclusive ' type of travel--so- your input is appreciated!

B- thank you bunkerville--

WomanHonorThyself said...

wow so many places yet to see hun!...try the Big Apple!...hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ronbo said...

Hey Carol!

I'm thinking about going to Hawaii in October...need a cheap flight from Seattle and a cheap room in Honolulu.

I checked the cheap flight thingy on the Internet and Hawaii Air quoted me $345 one way from Seattle.

The cheapest digs in Honolulu was a hostel at $30 a night.

Any ideas?

Gecko said...

Where do you start, so many places to see. It's always best to have your own transport, has to be warm. Well that's my little contribution, haha

Z said...

With Mr Z on a plane to Munich, Hamburg or Paris. actually, to nearly anywhere.

Travel lost its luster for me after 9/11 and the continued threats and removing shoes, etc etc....and I have to admit I'm a little gleeful that my passport's expired :-)
I need to take care of that...but not soon.

christian soldier said...

WHT-love NY-and visited many times .

R- are you sure you want to stay at hostel--the flight sounds about right---

G-would be neat to own our own jet- wouldn't it : - )

Z- it is so good to know that someone truly loved and was loved-
as to the TSA - as I said to Gecko- it would be wonderful to own ones' own jet---
Think that will be my next goal...

Ronbo said...


You meet such interesting people at hostels:-)like the cute little Japanese girl I met at the hostel in Bozeman, Montana in 2009 who was way off course:-)

Apparently she got the wrong bus ticket in Denver, Colorado and was too polite to ask to get it changed (She wanted to go to San Francisco) and so continued on to Bozeman after pre-paying for a hotel in San Francisco:-)

I suppose the moral to this story is that if the Japanese had invaded the West Coast in WW II, they would have ended up in Bozeman and not San Francisco:-)