Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Prophet? Sunday Faith Blog-

the Bible states that a prophet is not accepted in his own country---
a few points from speech-(video below)-
1. less American sovereignty
2. more taxes
3.unbalanced budget-
on to 8-Fed control of our education system...
11. appeasement to our enemies by our government !!! bho's bowing comes to mind-

Was Welsh a prophet or did he just know the history of tyranny-
In this video he uses quotes from a speech he gave in 1958!
This video speech was given in 1974-
I usually do not watch 9 minute videos- glad I watched this one!

the JBS has been demonized by our MS and Our 'elites'-- in both parties and etc etc >>>I no longer believe the JBS is a 'kook' organization-and the__ NEW AMERICAN magazine __published by the JBS is Historically "right on" and extremely well written and edited...-


Always On Watch said...

Off topic reminder: today is Gold Stars Mothers' Day

Always On Watch said...

William F. Buckley denounced Robert Welch and the JBS as racist.

But Robert Welch wasn't wrong about everything.

As you know, I clearly decry racism and white supremacism. That said, we should look back at much of what Robert Welch said. He was sounding the correct alarm about many things.

Good video, CS.

Now, where is the GOP candidate who will say these things? One that is electable to the Oval Office, I mean.

christian soldier said...

A- looking-as well- for the GOP candidate w/ a spine -

as to Buckley's take- after rather deep delving into Buckley's thinking on many issues- I now question his take on Welch-
saying that- I question everyone in positions of authority now--

Thank you for the heads up on Gold Star Mothers' Day...