Sunday, September 4, 2011

FOLDS of HONOR Foundation - for the Families of our Fallen BEST

you all know that I have taken up golf-again- after 20 years---
so- have been watching the Golf Channel --and - what should appear - a FIGHTER JET!!!--- -THAT got my attention! You all know how I love planes-!!!!!--
Maj. Dan Rooney-former F-16 pilot - now PGA pro - formed a foundation for the children of our Fallen BEST--
I post the link:
You will be impressed by high-light- quotes from America's Founding Fathers...
will post more later-go to the site- it is awesome and will be on my roll!!
looking to organize a tournament at my club- I'm a newbie - so it may take til next Labor Day :-)
Patriot Golf
you tube video -for overview of the golf day...

Side note- this Californian would rather give to defray the costs of educating the children of our BEST - than for my tax $$$$ going to educate the children of illegal aliens (Dream Act-now waiting for Gov. Brown's signature!)


Kid said...

Nice. It has to take lots of effort and money to put something like that together.

Glad to see numbers showing up on the positive side of the ledger.

MK said...

That's a frightening looking plane, hope you enjoy the golf.

christian soldier said...

K- love it when someone honors our BEST - as he and his Foundation do--

MK- I do en joy golf- again-(-: