Monday, September 12, 2011


Let's travel Denmark-

I have a travel guide in mind-he is from Danish roots and has visited many times-

As you all remember - Hitler sent a mandate that all Jews were to be rounded up-
During the German occupation of Denmark-the King's daily ride through Copenhagen became a symbol of Danish sovereignty. This picture was taken on his birthday in 1940. Note that he is not accompanied by a guard.-the photo is from WIKI-

This from my studies of Denmark;s history:
As you all remember - Hitler sent a mandate that all Jews were to be rounded up-
Denmark's-King Christian- wore the Star of David on his arm -when he gave a speech-shortly after the roundup mandate was issued-soon- a majority of Danes started wearing the Star of David arm band-
Thus- the NAZIs could not tell who was who! The Jewish people were 'safe' in Denmark--

and- to this day- the Danes raise the US Flag on the Fourth of July- to thank the US for her efforts during WW II-
Speaking of flags- did you know the Danish flag is the oldest National flag -

I would want this to be a trip- small in numbers-big in heart-
Being 1/2 Dane - I have a personal interest in seeing that country...


Ronbo said...

I've visited Denmark and thought the Danes to be a bit on the pinko side.

Of course, that's par for the course in Europe after over hundred years under various types of socialist governments - It gets to the point where the people are too ignorant and dumbed down under Leftist PC to even consider the free market and individual effort.

The most shocking thing that happened on my tour to Denmark was talking to the very attractive Danish guide who said she turned down an offer of marriage from an American she loved because she feared losing her pension benefits in Denmark!

"There is no socialism in America," she concluded...

This happened in 1977. I'm sure she has since changed her mind about American socialism.

Leticia said...

I have never been there, but would love to visit one day.

At least there are still a few foreign nations that appreciate the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform.

christian soldier said...

R-let's remember the Danish cartoons-and their embassies being attacked by the followers of the religion of peace ..

L-join us - would love to have you and your family---

christian soldier said...

I truly believe the Danes are tuning to their Viking blood!

WomanHonorThyself said...

savor every moment hun!..xxoo

MK said...

That would have been a brave king to defy that evil maniac hitler.

christian soldier said...

A-I am in the 'first thoughts' --for this trip--: - )

MK- He was brave and I believe that the Danes are now standing for freedom again- remember the 'Cartoons'-

Captain USpace said...

Very interesting bits on Denmark. They are standing up to the Jihad better than most EU countries.

Have a great trip, and be careful, have fun!


christian soldier said...

Capt U- sooooo glad you are still blogging a bit : - )

Kid said...

Have a great time. I've been to Amsterdam, and imagine it is similar. I enjoyed it.