Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interview w/ Medal of Honor Recipient -Marine-A Humble Young Man-

pre- posted this last night-hoping to get certain permission-haven't been able to reach Bronze Star recipient - had to get this out -

His answer reminds me of the answer given by a family member when he recieved the Bronze Star -recently-" I really don't deserve it- I was just watching out for my guys.."

this h/t -Threedonia
_Looks Like the ARMY Capt. Will Swenson-may be getting the MoH too-seems he criticized the brass for not acting quickly enough - so was passed over_--NOW- the brass are - re-THINKING -GOOD!
MoH -Marine - then Cpl Dakota Meyer (video above) stated that he could not have done it w/o Capt Swenson's aid..
the Rules of Engagement Grrrrr-more on Capt Swenson_

Just read MR's account of the Medal of Honor ceremony at IBA-you all will love it!


Kid said...

The great ones always say "I was just doing my job, and protecting my fellow soldiers/my men".

All of them, all through time.

J Fing Kerry? Got 3 band-aid purple hearts and went home. One of them didn't even need a band-aid

Anonymous said...

Great post. Glad you found the footage.

Wish more would be honored.

I include their mommas and daddys.

Semper Fi

Ronbo said...


I just hope heroes like this are on the patriot side in the coming civil war.

tha malcontent said...

A true hero indeed!


Leticia said...

This how it is for most soldiers, they become family, brothers in arms, and they will die to protect each other.

In my opinion, they are all heroes.

MK said...

Exactly what Kid said, the real heroes are the ones who don't look for trouble.

christian soldier said...

You are all such Patriots and love our BEST -as I do--thank you for your comments and for standing with and for our humble - heroes..

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

Amen to that comment Carol.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what inspiration girl..thanks for keepin me going!..xoox

christian soldier said...

PI and WHT- so glad you enjoyed this post - I enjoyed posting it To our BEST!