Saturday, September 3, 2011

DANES Give Honest Coverage of the EDL-

Too bad the media in England and the US are so leftist and PC and islam oriented that honest coverage is not being done:

EDL-English Defense League


Ronbo said...

Aside from a few diehard Leftists, who watches or reads the Lamestream Media anymore?

The majority of Americans are like me and watch/listen/read only those trusted websites/radio/television stations that report real news and fair commentary.

In regards to the video: I am a card carrying member of the EDL, which has many members in America, many of whom travel to England and take part in their anti-Islam demonstrations.

American flags in these demonstrations are not uncommon. This is part of the effort by Americans to stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers/sisters in Mother England, just like in an earlier age American volunteers joined the RAF to fight the Nazis in the Blitz.

In regards to Rick Perry: He looks an awfully lot like George Bush III according to this article by Wikipedia. Also, he was a former Democrat and Algore supporter who thought Hillary Clinton's national health care was peachy keen. It looks like Perry is the Establishment Republican's pick and a professional politician of the type the TPM has come to hate.

My favorite so far is Sarah Palin, but she isn't a candidate.

christian soldier said...

R- wondered where the US flags - flying during EDL rallies- were coming from -My Aussie friends post videos of the rallies ---

Palin-Bachmann-my choices -

WomanHonorThyself said...

great find !..Back from vacay and website all fixed!..xxooo

MK said...

If i'm not mistaken the EDL did not do well in the last election, neither did the BNP. I guess the Brits have not quite had their fill of leftism yet.

christian soldier said...

A-so glad you enjoyed this video-

MK-just hope the EDL "holds he Line"!