Friday, September 2, 2011

the Dark Side's PLAN to Overthrow the US

The PLAN for the overthrow of the US:

take a look at GOAL # 17- take over the schools-haven't I been stating that !
GOAL # 27 - Infiltrate the Churches- ELCA - promotes Homosexuality and abortion!

as I have been stating->>>
the Dark Side- (Lucifer's Kids)-
Write their plan-
State their plan openly and aloud-
and then '
Follow Through - even though the plan's out-come may not come in their individual life- times-
my question is and always has been-
Christians believe in an after life-the Dark Siders do not!
it seems that the Dark Side believes more than Christians do-

It IS Time for us in the US to
Write our Plan-
State our Plan aloud-
and FOLLOW THROUGH - even if the Plan is not fulfilled in our life-time!
I caste the gauntlet!
thanks Z for the video


Ronbo said...

On the light side - the Leftist Obama putsch to overthrow the apple in God's eye - the USA - has opened up the his Armies of the Night to complete destruction in a counter revolution.

Remember the Bible has an Old Testament that is a catalog of the terrible fate of nations and people who dare attack almighty God.

usminc said...
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usminc said...

I realized I made a mistake in voting for Obama not long after the election when Joe Biden said "The economy is worse than we thought." What kind of response is this? If we wanted incompetence we would have voted for incompetence. In hindsight, McCain/Palin probably couldn't have done any worse.

To be fair, in 2009 Obama did hold an entrepreneurial summit to create jobs...but in Muslim countries.
Obama is the first President in history to be in charge when America received a downgrade in its credit rating. His response? S and P are a bunch of hacks, and the Tea Party did it. Yes, had to be Standard and Poor's and the Tea Party. It couldn't be the $14 Trillion in debt and the $61 Trillion in obligations. It's amazing how in three years Obama can't boost the economy because it's so messed up, yet the Tea Party and S & P have so much power they can make it sink further in one day. Imagine if FDR, who inherited the worst Depression ever and then WW2, had simply thrown up his hands and said "We'll, this is just too hard. It can't be done. Our economy is wrecked, and I'll never beat the Axis. We'll sign a peace treaty with Hitler, and maybe they'll leave us alone." Imagine if Abe Lincoln had said "The Civil War is not winnable. Forget the Union. A little slavery never hurt anybody, anyway." Imagine if George Washington, who lost every battle up until Trenton had said "A nighttime raid involving a boat ride across this half frozen river is impossible. I'll never beat the Hessians anyway. The press is always saying I'm a British sympathizer. Nope, I'll just forget the Revolution". I'm sick of Obama and his excuses, and I was sorry I voted for him a long time ago. He is 100% unworthy to be President

Leticia said...

How many will pick up the gauntlet? I will!

Thank you for your boldness. I hope many people will view this video and realize there is a communist agenda and one of their members may possibly sitting in the White House?

Ronbo said...


You voted for Obama?

These days no one outside of Berkeley admits they voted for Obama:-)

I admit in 2008 it was hard for me to vote for RINO McCain - and I agree had he won, we would still be in deep doo-doo.

In economic terms Obama simply hit the accelerator on the great train wreck of a Second Great Depression that's been in the cards for over seven decades due the love affair by a large minority of our population with socialism.

So we will crash and burn in a 1933 repeat that will be made much worse by a looming civil war, race war and world war - a perfect storm that would end the existence of any normal country.

However, the United States is not a normal country.

I don't think this Perfect Storm

They Say/We Say said...

There are several verses in the Old Testament, repeated several times--for a reason.
1>Seek Thy Face. His look on your/our Nation needs His Protection; if you/we do things that are told to us not to do will be the slap in His Face that will turn away from our Nation; and allow enemies to walk right in and take over with out the sword (firing a shot), the very theme of this post.
2>The Ways not of Yahueh are the ways of witchcraft. Almost-almost everything we do - traditions, celebrations, old wives tales, on and on; almost everyday activities, are some sort of practices of WITCHCRAFT (brought here from these so called undocumented (Illegal) Aliens.
When this is mentioned, I get a argument or bad feelings stirred up and -- well so it goes, we have to start somewhere to get this Nation back on track, even if your/our good friends get mad for a while or even loose them.
Not to say that they were not friends in the first place, but give them time to think (if they will, some will say that they will never give up the Birthday Cake and Blowing out the Candles after making a Wish) about teaching the children these Practices of Witchcraft (Traditions mostly from the old countries).

Always On Watch said...

take a look at GOAL # 17- take over the schools-haven't I been stating that !

My mother saw the Leftist problem in the public schools inching its way in in the 1950s. I'm so glad that my parents sacrificed to give me a private education in a conservative Christian school! Of course, at the time, I didn't really appreciate the good education I was getting.

The money ran out for college, so I attended a state university. By then, I was well grounded in my faith and my politics (Did stray a bit, but not much), and actually sailed through college academically, graduating summa cum laude.

Anyone who today believes that private education or homeschooling is inferior had better think again!

christian soldier said...

R-like your wording!

usminc-was a semi- lib myself-after coming out of university-learned the true HIStory of this great Republic- did an about face and never turned back--so- I understand where you are coming from...

christian soldier said...

L-you are a bold one too- noticed your favorite reading material is the KJV- that is the one I read - and often aloud- the poetic flow of the KJV sounds so good ---
The communist agenda has been finalized here in the US- it is time to take action..

christian soldier said...

TS- it is hard work dealing w/ liberals in one's family- I know!

christian soldier said...

AOW- that is why I homeschooled my off-spring-started w/ the knowledge that the basics were no longer being taught - met an HIStorian at my first Home educators convention- did an about face- became a Constitutionalist - and it has been forward to freedom ever since!