Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart-Dies of "Natural Causes"-43 Years Old
Andrew reveals damning Obama video-
Up-date to the up-date below--
WOW-M.Malkin has a great post with actual "tweets" from hate filled liberal 'progressives' -  re: Breitbart-
Up-date from the Breitbart Site:
Orson Bean -Father in Law- and Andrew's adoptive Parents -(I respect those who adopt children-)


Z said...

I am simply devastated, Carol.
You know I knew him a little and know his in-laws extremely well...everybody is just devastated.
His youngest of 4 children is only 3 years old!!
Please pray for the Breitbart and Orson Bean families!

christian soldier said...

Z-My heart goes out to the family members...Please give them a hug for me--and tell them that the prayers of many are being said for them ...
I met a fellow golfer - today- who knows Andrew's adoptive parents...

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Our side has lost a good fighter, may he rest in the peace he has earned. And may we carry on the fight.

Kid said...

Carol, such as loss for all of us.

Peace and Comfort to his family and friends. His tie should be celebrated, even if cut off so soon.