Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dear America-I Quit-Regards-Pres. bho

This came from a dear Patriot friend: ENJOY!!!!!

If this doesn't cheer you up, nothing will.....

You know the honeymoon is over, when the comedians start.

The liberals are asking us to give Obama time.
We agree...and think 25 to life would be
--Jay Leno

America needs Obama-care like Nancy
Pelosi needs a Halloween mask.
   --Jay Leno

Q: Have you heard about McDonald's'
new Obama Value Meal?
A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you
has to pay for it.
   --Conan O'Brien

Q: What does Barack Obama call
lunch with a convicted felon?
A: A fund raiser.
   --Jay Leno

Q: What's the difference between
Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?
A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers,
and threats to society. The other is for housing
  --David Letterman

Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were
on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it
started to sink, who would be saved?
A: America !
  --Jimmy Fallon

Q: What's the difference between
Obama and his dog, Bo?
A: Bo has papers.
--Jimmy Kimmel

Q: What was the most positive result
of the "Cash for Clunkers" program?
A: It took 95% of the Obama bumper
stickers off the road.
--David Letterman


Solution to the problem in Libya : They want a new Muslim leader,
Give them ours.


innominatus said...

I'm already having a pretty decent weekend, and these jokes are like the cherry on top. Thanks!

Kid said...

And imagine - All of these are absolutely True

christian soldier said...

I- glad to be of service-
BTW- I have added your site to my roll...

K-isn't it fun !!!!

Ron Russell said...

Those are cute Carol. I like the "Bo has Papers" one.

Z said...

PERFECT! love those, CS!

They Say/We Say said...

Worth it to see in writing.

Leticia said...

Loved them all! Great to see that some comedians are no longer on the Obama band wagon.

Right Wing Theocrat said...


I thought the first post was funny, this takes the cake Carol. Well done.