Saturday, March 3, 2012

Teacher Gives Incorrect Facts-Blames A Student ... you see why we MUST get our Education system back-
This teacher does not know his facts- but insists that the students believe everything he "teaches"-Grrrrr


TonyFernandez said...

That's because school is all about indoctrination and submission to authority. It has nothing to do with actual education. Just look how the sheeple never question the wars, medicare, democracy, etc. We have been duped, and we just calmly accept it. I am so grateful for the internet and alternative news sources that actually give me an alternative to the hegemony of our political and media structure.

I hope you've been doing well.

Leticia said...

Good grief!! I would have congratulated my son, and treated him to whatever meal or goodie he wanted.

I am not raising sheep to follow the crowd or even teachers who force their students to embrace their idiocy or propaganda.

The kid, was right. The principal should have stepped in.

Good for that kid for standing his ground.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Not many teachers have the maturity to be corrected by their students and take pride that their students are now more skilled than them.

Someone should point out to that frightened teacher that his/her ultimate goal is to make their students know more than them, not to bully them into submission.

DogMaBlog said...

You don't expect a kid act kindly and tactfully correct a teacher. You would expect an immature person who knows he is right to respond without tact. The teacher should have acknowledged the student's correction instead of taken it as an affront to her authority.

christian soldier said...

T-L-RWT-DMB- thank you for your takes on this issue-
Brave young student-cowardly teacher-