Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kids Should "Fidget"-ADHD -REALLY!

 I have a book ready to be published (ASA I get info on how to self publish) about my experiences w/ "hyperactive" students - sub-titled- Why Are We Drugging Our Brightest and Best!
 When I taught --ADHD was called-- 'hyper-activity'-
Interestingly- the so-called 'hyperactive' students - were NOT hyperactive in my art & music classes-
It is time to bring art and music back --and- to get the PC - stuff out- OR
 Get rid of the public school system - and let the parents choose other options for their children --- &-give  them tax relief as well !!--I do not want to pay taxes for a failed public school system either!

Do any of you have a list of PC 'stuff' that you would like to be eliminated from our schools, military academies and et al...


Adrienne said...

I am an adult with ADD and it bugs me no end how people call it a "disability." The reality is it's just another way of learning. That's why the kids are happy in art and music.

I've read just about everything there is to read on the subject (it's called "hyper-focus") and one of the best round-ups of new information is in the book:

4 Weeks To An Organized Life With AD/HD by Jeffrey Freed.

When I taught 4th grade the smartest kid in my class was ADD. Contrary to what is usually done with such a child, I stuck him in the back corner of the room and while I was teaching he would be doodling. Next day he would ace the test.

To this day (I'm 66) I doodle and take notes at any lecture I attend so I perfectly understood what he needed.

Sorry for turning this into a full length book...

Adrienne said...

About that self-publishing thingy? I'm in the midst of reviewing a book by Bart DePalma, an attorney in Colorado. I'm pretty sure he's self-published and would probably be willing to help you with questions and such.

His blog is listed in my 'blog of the day' - Citizen Pamphleteer.

His email is:

republicanmother said...

When working with kids at church, I always gave them a page to color or something to do with their hands so they could pay attention to the lesson.

The Soviets used psychology to label people and that is just what ADHD is. Charlotte Iserbyt's book has their plans to drug kids back in the '70s chapter of her book.

christian soldier said...

A-I - too- would have been 'labeled' 'hyperactive' if it were a 'diagnosis' back then-
as it was- my parents were told -'She always starts a project before 'full' instructions' are given-or-she has trouble 'focusing'...I never had trouble in my art class!-
those were the days when art was taught...
and-I- too- always carry a sketch book -or- use napkins (-:-i I do not have paper- to 'doodle'--

Thank you for the h/t on CP--

RM-WOW-thank you for the info on C. Iserbyte's book-!!!