Friday, March 9, 2012

Union Protection-Endangers -C-130 and DHS Planes

FAA-Air Traffic controllers are unionized-I should have known that - but- did not--
The controller who almost caused a C-130 &  DHS plane to collide- mid-air-has  had problems w/ discipline and close calls before!

Unions had a purpose 100 years ago-now- they have been corrupted and must go--


Kid said...

Agree, unions are communist and mob organizations now.

They Say/We Say said...

This will make the Libs go crazy

Media Black Out

Email this link to as many as possible

Leticia said...

Time to disband the union once and for all.

Z said...

Ban Unions! How AWFUL!

Now I hear that unions are all banding together and will be gathering about $400 MILLION DOLLARS for the Obama campaign. @#($*&@(*&#$

Right Wing Theocrat said...

And i'll bet that controller cannot be fired for gross incompetence. Heck it's almost impossible to fire teachers having sex with their students, so maybe the controller will only be fired if he makes the planes crash.

Bunkerville said...

Lucky us.

christian soldier said...

Thank you -ALL - for your comments-and for stopping by-
Took a couple of days off-
Now I'm back at it-