Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MONUMENTAL-Movie/True US HIStory /Kirk Cameronw/Marshall Foster

"Carol,you've got to come and listen to this guy!-Either we've been lied to or he's a Kook!!"
My wide  eyed husband said --rushing toward me -down the large hall way -from one of the main conference rooms - 
This happened at our first Home Educators' Convention 1984-
-We both realized that our education- both public and University- had lied by omission...about the HIStory of this country!
The "guy" was Marshall Foster-and he was speaking about the true -Christian based -HIStory of the forming of the US Republic--
We have since become friends of Marshall and support  his organization- World History Institute (it was called Mayflower Institute when we were being mentored by him)
Marshall worked with Kirk Cameron on the film MONUMENTAL-I've already bought tickets to the March 27 opening!

Marshall's Site:http://www.worldhistoryinstitute.com/


Right Wing Theocrat said...

Must keep an eye out for it, thanks Carol.

KG said...

Looks fascinating. Will it be available on DVD?

christian soldier said...

RWT-KG-if you have trouble accessing it - it may be on the internet after awhile---if not- I'll see if I can get a couple of DVDs for you...

Z said...

there's a film I want to see...I had never even heard of it (which is typical, isn't it)

WHERE is the marketing??

So, did you like it? I can't imagine you wouldn't.
I saw Cameron on Piers Morgan two weeks ago...Morgan tried to humiliate him for his stances on abortion and homosexuality, etc..it was very hard to watch.
The next night, he had some comedian on and REALLY thrashed Cameron 'behind his back' with the comedian...imagine?
it was really a low even in our TV loathsome culture!
Thanks...am looking forward to seeing this!