Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stand Your Ground-Florida!-and SUPPORT Mr. Zimmerman

a black  teen  in a hoodie - is shot by a neighborhood watch participant- and Federal SERVANTS like schumer are calling for an "investigation" of Florida's Stand Your Ground law!!
ENOUGH!-  When are we going to say ENOUGH!?-
 That is why the SECOND AMENDMENT was put in place by the Founders!  The government has NO RIGHT to say that citizens cannot defend their LIFE and PROPERTY!
Communist Dems and Rs-GO away!!
up-date-looks like the black teen in the hoodie -mentioned above- bloodied  Mr.Zimmerman's face--HMMMMM
a witness has come forward---
up - date- the very venerable (SARC) Black Panthers have put a price on Mr. Zimmerman's head- talk about vigilante tactics  -chuck schumer- investigate the BLACK Ps first!
another up-date-h/t threedonia-OK-NOT re-sizing Now!! -but- you get it-
Mr. Zimmerman-before media and after (you have seen the distorted image of Mr Z) - and the black 'victim' "child"-as a hooded gang-er and as the "poor - black child"-


Right Wing Theocrat said...

If they're not using these sorts of incidents to call for more gun control, they're using it to call for people to vote for obama.

Frankly the more we delve into this case, the more guilty this kid looks and the dumber the liberals look.

christian soldier said...

RWT-you are so right on-
I just knew there was more to the story!