Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Panetta and bho Do NOT Know the CONSTITUTION

Permission from NATO-UN-Arab groups-WHAT!
Those who "lead us in the US" Do NOT know /nor do they care about the Constitution!
This link has an excellent video of Congressman Sessions  grilling Panetta and a military General - both sworn to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION-
Rep Jones NC-has introduced resolution to impeach bho-GO JONES!

Hey -ALL of my Patriot friends--HILLSDALE College is running a FREE program  on "Reviving the Constitution"- Constitution 101--I recommend it and am taking it!


Kid said...

I doubt barry does, they sure don't care about it.

Leticia said...

He has stomped on it, written over it and has completely disregarded.

I sincerely doubt he has even read a 1/4 of it.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

He's exactly right, the United States doesn't need authorization from any global body to deploy its armed forces. It's nice to have it, but it's not needed. The president also doesn't need authorization from Congress to defend the country, but that's only if you are under direct attack and at some point he does need to seek it from congress, he can't seek it 10 years later or just send them and FYI when he feels like it.

obama sees it that way, he only does what pleases the UN and other such international bodies, he's not concerned with the people, his true masters.

Far as he's concerned you the people and just a minor irritation to be addressed with gaseous platitudes and lip service when an irritating election rolls around.

My frank hope is that you Americans return the favor when obama comes asking for your vote. He deserves to be treated with the same contempt he has lavished on you during his presidency.

christian soldier said...

RWT-you have stated the truth so clearly -you know our Constitutions better than most US citizens!
and you are so right =bho has contempt for the Republic and for us in the US who are - not his servants -but his masters!

christian soldier said...

K-indeed!-bho hates this Republic!

L-he has read and TAUGHT alinsky and his tactics-he does loathe the US-he must go - the next election...but- not to a LOTE that the elite Rs have "given" us in the US!~

Captain USpace said...

Good post. The NObama crowd is completely out of control.

4 more years of them and the USA will be toast. The mantra is: #AnyoneButObama

I hope you're well. We need more patriots like you on twitter. We battle with the moonbats everyday. You should try it again. Follow some more patriots and then see their tweets on when you're signed in.

I tweeted this:
Carol's Blog!: Panetta and bho Do NOT Know the CONSTITUTION via @carolsblog123 #AnyoneButObama #ABO #GOP #NObama #tiot


christian soldier said...

U-OK--I'll try again : - )