Friday, March 30, 2012

Pro LIFE-October Baby

We who know that there is an HUMAN in the womb - must support those who are standing tall to proclaim that fact-
OCTOBER BABY - story of a young woman who was saved from death -
h/t my husband and  my Aussie friend -Right Wing Theocrat-

This is a nation-wide theater list -Let us gather up a group- and flood the theater near you!


Leticia said...

I do intend to watch it, but at home. I cried like a baby with Titanic, Fireproof and Steel Magnolias.

I want to be able to cry in peace in my own home.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Thanks for the link back Carol. I started watching 'War Horse' last night, I'm pretty ignorant of horses but even I could tell that's a beautiful looking animal.

Z said...

I checked out the film on line when I got your email, Carol, and found these:

"Los Angeles Times | Gary Goldstein

A film whose poignancy is hard to deny whatever side of the abortion debate you fall on. Read full review
Arizona Republic | Bill Goodykoontz

There are few issues more bitterly divisive than abortion, with emotions and rhetoric running at fever pitch. October Baby is a faith-based movie that resides staunchly in the pro-life camp. Yet directors Andrew and Jon Erwin, who also contributed to the story, rarely let their film get didactic, instead going for a more low-key approach."

WOW....they seem to have made a pro life film which captivates even those on the other side..BRAVO.
I am definitely going to see this one! Thanks..xx