Sunday, June 26, 2011

BACHMANN /PERRY-HERE'S WHY-and Iowa-Bachmann-Romney Even ---

AGAIN-thank you my Australian friend CR-
Great take by Washington Times on this-the middle American revolt-
Bachmann-Romney polls show they are equal.. in Iowa !!

Romney -NO no no -he's the same 'ol same 'ol RINO--
BTW-my respect for Chris Wallace has taken another down-turn!

But host Chris Wallace pushed Bachmann on her history of making controversial statements and asked whether she was ready to be a national candidate.

-"Are you a flake?"- Wallace asked -_-

“That would be insulting to say something like that,” responded Bachmann, pointing to her legislative and professional record. “Of course, a person has to be careful with what their words are. And now I will have an opportunity to speak fully


midnight rider said...

Wallace did apologize for the remark

Bachmann has rejected the apology

Rightly so. They'd have never asked that of a male candidate and certainly not of our current Poser In Chief.

Bachmann/Perry Perry/Bachmann I don't care. Either way is good with me.

christian soldier said...

MR-Bachmann / Perry or visa verse is OK with me--
Fox is losing my respect -sad-

midnight rider said...

update -- personal apology accepted