Monday, June 27, 2011

Lt Dan Band -For Our Best and Their Families...July 4-

For my nephew and his family - and for all who voluntarily serve...
My respect for --Gary Sinise-- continues to grow- and he and his wife are solidly Pro-LIFE -as well as respecters of our BEST!

JAWA has links for you to sign up to the feed and to help support our BEST....


Jg. for FatScribe said... gary sinise. dig when he's on hugh hewitt and other salem network shows.

good stuff as always, carol!



christian soldier said...

Jg-glad you enjoyed it - and thanks for the edit-
I mis-spelled Sinise :-)

Kid said...

There are some great people out here.
I knew he was involved but didn't know he was doing so much. Thanks.

christian soldier said...

K-he is one who I admire-and have met at Pro- Life events-
in my capacity as Pres of LA LFL