Friday, June 3, 2011

Up Date -La Belle-Sends Goons to Beat Up West Point Cadet--Police Pose for Photos with La Belle Next to Cadet's Blood

These two overviews were just presented to me -Sunday-
Reverse Racism from Crusader Rabbit
and there are several up dates below--
You all know that I do not have a racist bone in me--but-actions like these are making me wonder if the black community is not filled with anti-white demagoguery..- and bho -mo- rev wright-l. farrakhan - et al are making me consider my take that there is money and silent 'protection' for blacks--if so-it is time to confront that social aspect.....

Read the article - watch the security video - West Point Cadet in yellow-lower right --

as to the Houston Police stating that they smelled alcohol on the Cadet (had a drink on the plane-he is over 21!)- -where were they --except to cozy up to La Belle after the incident--
3 goons (what color) -1 black entertainer against a lone West Point Cadet...
Up Date-BTW-I'm starting NOT to trust police takes-- Police CYA here?
UP DATE__Cadet Beating March 11 2011--La Belle sings at the White House March 29,2011 3 weeks later !!-why am I not surprised!
UP DATE_the driver mentioned-is La Belle's SON-no conflict there-right!


midnight rider said...

I'm afraid I have to respectfully disagree here. The first one to actually lay a hand on anyone is the Cadet.

Unfortunately we don't see what is going on when he first moves out of frame (toward the more rotund bodyguard) and just as unfortunately we don't here what is being said.

WHat we see is he moves out of frame toward the bodyguard and (it looks like) a luggage rack. No idea where LaBelle is yet.

Next the bodyguard in maroon moves and inserts himself between the cadet and the others. Then gives the Cadet a chest bump. The Cadet then gives him a pretty good shove which earns him a punch, although he seems to persist a bit bringing all three on him.

BUT, as soon as he goes down, it stops. They don't hit him any further.

Which is the job of a bodyguard. Stop the threat. The man is down, the threat is over. No further force necessary. That is their job whether it's LaBelle or Sarah Palin.

Let this play out in court by all means but, from this film, I don't think anything is conclusive enough to place cause/blame on either side.

christian soldier said...

MR-thank you for your input--
I see things differently---

Kid said...

oblabber and crew are definitely trying to kick up the race war again.

christian soldier said...

K-I agree=