Friday, June 17, 2011

Been Here Since 1988-Speak English When You Testify Before the TX Senate..

and I agree-
SPEAK ENGLISH and get rid of your hyphen -or go back to Mexico--
I am insulted-as well---
This Senator has a set--
Could we nominate him for President!

My comment at CR's site-and watch the video of another Orphaned Overcomer:
the ‘hyphenes ‘believe they are entitled-
the ‘overcomers’ do not!


Always On Watch said...

The senator is voicing what so many of us believe in our heart of hearts.

Besides, this fellow who insists on speaking Spanish all these years -- when I'm fairly certain that he speaks English quite well -- is making a statement of ethnocentric supremacism.

christian soldier said...

AW-you are right-he is 'sticking it in our eye' and I've had enough of it how about you?