Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HOCKEY-Lidstrom up for Messier Award&Rome Suspended for 'Dirty Hit' on Horton-Hockey Games Start With the National Anthem-Indiana College Does Not!

Time for important FUN stuff...I'm tired of politics! and the un-declared wars!!
Since my Red Wings ( Part of original 6) did not make the final finals-I must root for Boston-one of the Original 6 Teams as well-- and a US team to boot!
This site has wonderful overviews of last night's game-and other HOCKEY related information:

Goshen College-Indiana Bans the US National Anthem-too war-like


MK said...

Hope your team does well. Yeah, politics is getting a bit dreary.

christian soldier said...

Thank you MK-
I am getting tired of it all--
my new venture in hitting golf balls practically every day has helped... :-)