Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Egypt Air Pilot Ignores ATC and Veers into Lufthansa Jet--I Smell the "Religion of Peace"-
The Lufthansa flight had been cleared for take-off moments before the EgyptAir plane veered into its path, and the pilots had to slam on the brakes to avoid a crash, reports The New York Post.

Wonder if the pilot of the Egypt Air jet is part of the Religion of peace-


Pastorius said...

I believe this was very likely an act of Jihad, and it could have resulted in hundreds of deaths.

I find it very odd that IBA and Carol's Blog are the only two counter-Jihad blogs that have picked up on this story.

christian soldier said...

P-I find that to be odd as well..don't they remember any of the other crashes w/allah being chanted?

MK said...

Didn't even hear of this one, maybe the pilot can't read english.