Monday, June 6, 2011

D-Day -June 6-67 years ago - today-

Thank you -our BEST-yesterday-today -and ....
in the words of Common Cents...:
Today June 6th is D-Day the date US and Allied forces finally landed on the beaches of Normandy, France to begin the process of liberating the European Continent. Europe had been under control of the Nazis for three years and the invasion of Europe had been planned for most of that time. The D-Day invasion was the largest amphibious invasion in modern warfare history.
thanks Mustang:

My take on the un-declared wars that are taking the lives of our BEST -let's fight to win or get them out! Un-like WW II -our government does not seem to really want to win!
5 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq-
my comment :
and we’re still there because why?
if the ‘powers that be’ had followed through in the early ’90s -
the great General Schwarzkopf (West Point) wanted us to finish the job when we had -”what’s his name?’ on the ropes-
the arm chair Generals and the administration -’who was in at the time’?-backed off due to international pressure ($$$$$) -so now we have our BEST continuing to be targets for the UN-NATO-internationalists-
Let them fight to win or bring them home!
BTW-the 2 ? need not be answered they were rhetorical…

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