Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mitt Romney - Pro-Death-RINO-Ann Tells It Like It Is

Romney Care - $50 'co-pay' and you get an abortion 5:57 into it
RNC is corrupt--
If you do not listen to the full video-you LOSE!
thanks CR-


Kid said...

Mitt Romney is a worthless sun of a bitch. And WhoTF names their kid MITT besides crazy rich bitches ?

If Mitt gets the nod, I'm writing someone in. I'd rather have oblabber than mitt.

christian soldier said...

K-when the elites gave us mc cain-In knew that the slow slide would continue if he were elected-
bho -oblabber-gave us the avalanche that woke up many in the US ..
no more L O T E...

Kid said...

That's the one good thing about oblabber.

I'd say it goes like this. Some lib dem gets in and really mucks things up. The population goes "Holy &%R^%!!!", votes in republicans for 8 or 12 years, then after the MSM beats on them the whole time, the new and improved hopey changey comes along and gets in, and people go "Holy *&^%^%!!!!" and vote in republicans for 8 or 12 more years.
And of course the repubblekins don't do anything to put us back on track..

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Just Can't make any progress :)