Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CA Greenies -Caused Floods---Greenies Stopping the Corp of Engineers Again-in Sioux City?

An Army officer of the Corps of Engineers informed the public via radio coverage - that the 'protected' species and other acts...did not allow the Corps to dig the necessary outlets to stop the dangerous water flow during CA flood times--

He was quickly taken off of the wave and we never heard from him again-only the doom and gloomers and the "victims' of the flood -were 'allowed' to speak...
CA is usually dry but when we have rains-or snow melt-Well...WE have FLOODS and the water takes human lives and destroys everything in its path ...
That was several years ago - S of Santa Barbara---on the Pacific Coast---

I wonder if the Corps of Engineers has been stymied again by the Greenies---

SIOUX CITY -- When residents of Pierre, Dakota Dunes and other communities along the flooding Missouri River scrambled to protect their towns, many had harsh words for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the agency responsible for managing the river.

Greenies - I don't care about small fish and other green stuff-I care about HUMANS...

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