Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who Is the REAL DUMMY-bho or Palin---

Rhetorical question-you need not answer--
BTW-to get the full scope of the video - you must read the over-script--


OK! -I say-bho-what say you---


Kid said...

I didn't think I'd watch all 9 minutes, but I did. And there is a LOT more material out there on this imbecile. 57 states for example.
Chrissy Mathews Tingly legs. Some other moron talking about how high his IQ must be.

Anyway, Good stuff.

christian soldier said...

K-I-too-didn't think I could watch the 9 minutes-I enjoyed every minute of this video take -glad you enjoyed it too-

MK said...

I only saw some of his stupidity, thanks for the full thing, wow. What a moron!

And the hate for Palin is simply staggering, all because she refuses to be some leftist whore who would murder her baby over an imperfection.