Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Military Officer Wants the Proof of bho's US citizenship...

I have just joined the ever growing cadre who want proof of bho's U.S. birth--
I have two reasons for doing so :
l) the Constitution says a President must be a US born citizen

2) $$$- I don't want to fund bho and his 'moocher wife' for the rest of their lives-$200,000 a year/security details & +++++

This is from a favorite site from New Zealand! I've noticed that some of the 'overseas' sites show a love of the U.S. that our own President does not!

I was wondering if any other Armed Forces personnel would join Lt Colonel Lakin in his brave stance against the fraudulent President, and now the news has at long last arrived. Major General Jerry Curry, a decorated combat veteran, has issued a video statement saying he agrees with Lakin that the President must provide genuine proof of his US birth and allow that proof to be scrutinized. (as John McCain was required to do over his Panama Canal zone birth)

Curry served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Carter Administration, as Press Secretary to the Secretary of Defense for the Reagan Administration, and has worked in international relations, public affairs, management, aviation, and research and development.

General Curry regrets that soldiers are bearing the responsibility of confronting Obama. “It shouldn’t be the Lieutenant Colonels, Sergeants and Generals in the Army it should be the Congressman and Senators on both sides of the issue asking this man to step up to the plate”. And he’s damn right about his. It has always completely baffled me that an issue that is so important to the effective governance of the US and its security should be ignored by so many of the very people who should be more concerned than anyone.

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William Stout said...

There is a part of me that is dying for Obama to not be a natural born U.S. citizen, but if that were the case and it was found out, then the consequences would be unimaginable. Obama’s mother was a U.S. citizen and unless she relinquished her citizenship, it really doesn’t matter where he was born. Consider, if a U.S. soldier gave birth overseas, would the child be ineligible for the Presidency? As a matter of law, I believe that he would be considered to have been born on American soil. Ditto President Obama. He may very well have been born in Kenya, but that does not change the status of his birth. That is why I cannot see that argument getting any traction.

christian soldier said...

WS-Darn! your take has been mine for all of this time!-
Will keep my 'powder dry' for research one way -----or the other....
Thank you - my friend - for helping me stay focused on the real issues affecting this great Republic!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stout is correct —to a point. If Barry’s mother was officially attached to the U. S. Embassy in Kenya, or attached to another bona fide US agency (Peace Corps, for example) at the time of Barry’s birth, then it was his mother’s responsibility to apply for a determination of US citizenship with the State Department. If she didn’t do that, then Barry is not a citizen. If Barry’s mother was NOT officially attached to any US agency, but gave birth to Barry the result of ‘whatever’ relationship with Barry’s father —e.g., unmarried persons, then it is entirely possible that Barry is not entitled to US citizenship.

That said, if Barry was born in Kenya, then the entire issue of his Hawaiian birth is a fraud. In fact, it is a conspiracy to commit fraud; a substantial fraud because it gained for him the presidency of the United States and considerable remunerations. The argument set forth in the General’s argument is valid. It was Barack Obama’s responsibility to verify his entitlement to serve as president. But there is a problem. Ordinary citizens do not have the right to take this matter to federal courts. Only an “offended” person has that right. Colonel Lakin could argue that he is so entitled because of his subordinate place in the chain of command (this won’t do his career much good —it is effectively over), but I don’t know if the suit can compel Barry to produce a valid birth certificate.

At least we know one thing for certain: the presidency of this communist is a complete disaster. But if it were shown that Obama is not entitled to the presidency, if he was forced out … could our country survive a Biden presidency?

christian soldier said...

M-thank you-I thought I had read the law correctly before and was going to read again tomorrow!
As to Biden-we could-survive ...
he is benign and I'll take that over any of bho's actions.
And Biden at least has a son in the military..thus-my guess - he respects our BEST to some degree-bho does not.

MK said...

"I don't want to fund bho and his 'moocher wife' for the rest of their lives-$200,000 a year"

The way that sponging disgrace has been partying it up over in spain, $200K a year seems like a bargain.

christian soldier said...

MK- thanks for putting it in perspective! :-)