Sunday, August 8, 2010

BEST in Iraq Won't Be Coming Home in August/One Wounded -Protecting Iraqi Citizens!

You'll enjoy reading the article by Major Sullivan on the situation in Iraq and he also gives an account of a 21 year old Lt. wounded in combat - protecting Iraqi civilians-a brave young man: Mike "Sully" Sullivan:
"Standing there watching this 21-year-old lieutenant earn the nation's oldest medal for wounds suffered in combat, I could not help but think this was the best America had to offer. While people his same age were job hunting, enjoying Friday nights out and doing what young adults do, he was protecting Iraqi civilians he'd never met before in his life and was hit by flying, razor sharp shrapnel as a result. Be proud of your soldiers; they are like this around the world."

My (Carol's ) take>>>
As you all know- I am concerned about our soldiers fighting a war with the new RoEs or- to better phrase it- their hands tied behind their backs---
The enemy uses their own civilians as shields because the enemy has no honor --I also remember accounts of UN military -raping-pillaging -Do you?
Our BEST have honor--This is another example of our BEST :

A young Iraqi girl embraces Capt. Janet Rose assigned to the 431st Civil Affairs Battalion, at the Baqouba Women and Children’s Hospital, June 9, 2007.


The_Kid said...

None better. and most are highly educated.

christian soldier said...

K-they are our BEST-aren't they!!

Sam Huntington said...

Carol, the number of US military casualties in Afghanistan has nearly doubled since Obama took office. Why isn't that getting any press? Didn't Obama tell everyone that Afghanistan was his preferred war?

christian soldier said...

SH-do you think bho may just be a slick liar--as to the press-we know what that is all about..

MK said...

It's such a shame the corrupt leftist media of the world will never broadcast what these brave and noble soldiers are doing over there.

Good on her and our thanks to her.