Saturday, August 28, 2010

UCLA-Pastor is Bold and Unapologetic- -panel w/Muslim-Jew

Pastor Jasa is bold and unapologetic in teaching Christ's sacrifice -forgiveness for all of us!!
We cannot be good enough to earn our way to grace and forgiveness-
We all sin and fall short of the glory of God...(my addition to Pastor Jasa's talk)

He would have fit into the category of the 'Black Regiment' (the Pastors who helped form this United States-ordained Christian leaders always wore black vestments back then)
I present to you-my chosen Pastor-Mark Jasa-UCLA Lutheran Chapel-

More videos of Pastor Jasa talking to students on campus walk at UCLA:


Z said...

Boy, the other faiths have to WORK so hard! :-)
Some people think "How can Christians just think Jesus did it and they're saved? How simplistic, how easy! what a cop out!" They don't realize the sacrifice and they don't realize that we do NOT feel that way at's a struggle once your soul has met its maker and wants to live like HIM!
I have been lucky enough to have that Reverend speak at my church and I'm a big fan!

christian soldier said...

Z-I don't have time for weany-CYA Christians anymore-so-my choice of Pastor must be in line w/ my focused 'out-reach' :-) ..
so glad you see his bold qualities too!

~Leslie said...

That could be one of the best, most understandable explanations of Christianity I have ever seen.

You see, salvation through Christ is supposed to be easy --the burden light, as Christ told us, because it is by His Grace. It is people who tend to make it complicated. Now, maintaining the Christian life is not always easy because our human faults and sin often get in the way, yet we can rest assured that God always forgives us when we come to him.

christian soldier said...

L-He does forgive us indeed-=through the His sacrifice--Father-Son- Holy Spirit..
I'm so glad you liked Mark's explanation...:-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey girl..we must be strong and unapologetic no doubt!!!

christian soldier said...

WHT-we must!!